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Jan Willem van Swigchem strives to make his pieces of art only once, so called unica. In his opinion everything you see in nature is unique; even though all the leaves of a tree look alike, you still know they're all different from each other. This also counts for all of Jan Willem's works. Various exhibitions of his works were held in (among others) the Seasons Galleries in Den Haag, Gallery Rob van Doel in Den Haag, Gallery Braggiotti in Rotterdam and Amsterdam and in many other galleries.

The paperreliëfs of Jan Willem van Swigchem are unmistakably striking. They give evidence of a great sense of originality, strengthened by the fact that one doesn't encounter this art form very often. The artist set himself the goal to exhibit at least every 2 to 3 years. Many artworks of Jan Willem van Swigchem are in privately-owned or business-collections in the Netherlands and far beyond. 



Underneath some examples of paperreliefs in color: